I know exactly how the name sounds and you’re probably a bit puzzled as to how the name Blank Tela Studio came about. “Tela” translates to canvas in Italian, which means the studio is named Blank Canvas Studio.

Founded in 2020, just like any type of design, it always starts with a clean slate, a blank canvas of sorts.

I deeply value accessibility, consciousness, authenticity, collaboration and embody these values throughout everything I do at the studio. Blank Tela Studio is for the leaders, the fearless dreamers, and creatives who aren’t afraid to push boundaries.

I'm a strong advocate of collaboration and know that starting a business itself can be daunting, but believe the design process shouldn’t have to be. 

Discover more about the studio, how the brand came about and a bit more about my personal favourites!




let's collaborate

Hey, I’m Edila - Founder & Creative Director of Blank Tela Studio.

I’m so glad to have you here. This studio has always been about creating aligned designs that make an impact.

Having attended school for Fashion and working in hospitality for so many years, I naturally grew to form a love for design and aesthetics — which played a major role in creating what Blank Tela is today.

In between creating designs, you’ll find me traveling around the world, cooking a new dish, dancing to my favorite DJ's and obsessing over any and all plants.

The work I do here at the studio is driven by collaboration with like minded founders to create purpose-driven brands.

Together, let’s bring your vision to life.


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